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Welcome to my website, where I write about all sorts of things, although I usually try to keep it focused on the craft of writing. In case you can’t tell by those complete legitimate testimonials, I don’t take myself entirely seriously, because I think that’s boring. My posts are filled with jokes that may not actually be funny, usually in the form of image descriptions.

I make an effort for every post to be engaging, whether you’re interested in the topic or not. You should be able to click on any one of my blog posts, have a laugh and learn something, whether it’s about writing, me or the world.

If you’re not sure where to go, you can check out my blog or go straight to my favourite posts, which include a deep reflection on learning to enjoy Harry Potter after a childhood of hating it and the twelve lessons I learned from reading Query Shark. Alternatively, you can learn more about my fantasy novels A Fate Entwined and Incarnate (first chapter available).

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