Year: 2019

Graduating from University

Today I am officially graduating from university. While I’m not attending the ceremony (I hope my peers don’t catch fire in this wonderful 40 degree Melbourne heat), I thought I’d write a bit about the whole experience and do some reflecting.

Harry Potter: An Apology

I like Harry Potter. ‘So what?’ you might be thinking. Plenty of people like Harry Potter, even adults. The thing is: six months ago, I didn’t. For the longest time, I said that I hated Harry Potter. And I meant it. Although my view softened over the years, maturing as a teenager and young adult, I never thought that I would sit here and write those words. The words, as horrible to me as an unforgivable curse or the name of You-Know-Who, that I like Harry Potter now.

Why Aphantasia Is the Worst

Living with aphantasia, you just kind of assume that everybody is being metaphorical when they say “imagine the audience in their underwear”. You don’t realise that daydreaming is actually dreaming during the day. You think that a photographic memory just means being able to see images in your head.