This is not Joshua. This is Tobias Onyango Fünke, also known as the greatest character of all time.
This is also not Joshua. It is a carbon rod that deservedly won Employee of the Month over Homer Simpson. Everybody wishes that they were the carbon rod, including Joshua. But alas, he is not the carbon rod.
Now, this is Joshua… Hold on a minute. This is just a wooden chair! Mind you, it’s quite a beautiful wooden chair, one that I’m sure Nick Offerman would be quite proud of, but it is not Joshua.
Finally! This is Joshua. Admittedly, nobody is sure why he is wearing two pairs of glasses and two hats. That’s just something he does. Sometimes.

Josh Peterken is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. He graduated from RMIT University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) and works for an internet marketing company part-time. The rest of his time is dedicated to freelance writing and completing his second fantasy novel.

He worked on his first novel, Incarnate, for a total of five years, before deciding to shelve it and work on something else for a change. What followed is another fantasy, titled A Fate Entwined, which should be completed in early 2020. It follows Andra, who along with her twin brother, is prophesied to save the world from the apocalypse. However, when she is cut from the prophecy and discovers that she can absorb emotions from others, she might have to decide what means more to her: her brother’s life, or her destiny.

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