NaNoWriMo Day Five – Down the Time Travel Rabbit Hole

Welcome to my wrap-up for NaNoWriMo Day Five. Today I wrote some things, gave myself a headache thinking about time travel paradoxes and then wrote some more.

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Getting Distracted By the US Election. Again.

Never has this GIF been more relevant. Also, that’s three Arrested Development references in three days. Gotta keep them going.

My productivity was once again impacted by my growing obsession with the election in the United States. I am definitely more heavily invested in this election than I am when it comes to Australian elections. Seeing as the AFL season is over, it’s become like a sport to me.

There’s only so many times that I can rewatch the Grand Final.

Okay, that’s a lie. Richmond winning the Grand Final will never get boring, and besides, it’s a dynasty now so I have three Grand Finals I can rewatch. It’s good to be a Tiger at the moment.

What was I supposed to be talking about again? Oh yeah, writing or something like that.

Sometimes I wonder if anybody would notice if I didn’t talk about writing at all in one of these blog posts. It’s not like it would be the first time I did so.

Writing these seems kind of pointless at times, but I’ve committed to it and I’m sure as heck going to stick with it. Even if it kills me.

How Was Writing on NaNoWriMo Day Five?

Today my protagonist went to the circus. It was good. He asked the magical healing musicians if they could help his mother. They said no because she is ill with a degenerative disease and they can’t cure that, so he just has to suck it up.

Wow, that got depressing really quickly.

But seriously, it did get quite dark today. I had to decide what sickness the protagonist’s mother has, and I settled on Huntington’s disease. My aunt sadly passed away from Huntington’s a few years ago, so this hit pretty close to home. But it was what made the most sense for the story, so I went with it.

Overall I wrote another 3055 words today, which brings my total to 14,589. I’m well ahead at this point; at this rate I will have written 90,000 words by the end of November, 40,000 over the NaNoWriMo “winner” requirement.

So I’d say I’m crushing it.

I’m really starting to explore how the art/magic connection works now that the circus is well and truly in the novel. I’ve got a couple of new characters I can play with, and there’s bound to be plenty more along the way. I’m having fun writing, and that’s the main thing.

Down the Time Travel Rabbit Hole

Just pretend those two words are reversed.

Other than getting distracted by the US election, something else that massively ate into my time today was time travel. Upon rereading that sentence, I now realise that it is somewhat ironic.

Seeing as I can’t visualise, I really struggle to keep time travel plots straight in my head (I don’t know why I would need to visualise to do that, but I feel like I do). Thankfully, my wife is an excellent visualiser. And apparently my time travel shenanigans don’t confuse her.

So as I pitched idea after idea about a behind-the-scenes plot going on in the novel (the protagonist and another character in the book can time travel back into their own bodies at an earlier time), my wife was able to constantly point out flaws and provide solutions.

And she thinks she’s not that smart. Pfft.

I really like this idea, and I’m definitely running with it, but I can’t keep my own timelines straight in my head. I literally couldn’t do it without her.

I think this hidden plot will take the ending of the book from “oh that was nice and wholesome” to “WHAT THE ****?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON THE WHOLE TIME UHTSHKGKJSUBGGBSJBIOSHIFIOSGO*SRIJW”, and that’s always good in a time travel story.

But that’s just in my humble opinion.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

This may seem like a completely random TED talk, but it’s actually the one that inspired this novel, so it’s totally relevant. I made the text for this paragraph small because I felt that the TED talk line was a pretty good way to end the post, but I also felt that it needed explanation.

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