NaNoWriMo Day Two – What I’m Writing

Welcome to day two of my NaNoWriMo journey. If you missed the post from day one, you can read it here.

How Was NaNoWriMo Day Two?

Once again I set myself a goal of getting up at 5 am to write 2000 words in three hours. And once again I failed to wake up at 5 am. I know, that’s a huge surprise. If I keep telling myself that I’ll do it though, maybe I actually will someday.

As for the writing itself, it actually went really well. I smashed out 3400 words, bringing my total up to 5900. Chapter one of the book is done, and I am about halfway through chapter two. I actually like stopping in the middle of a chapter, because it makes it easier to pick up the work the next day. I won’t have to deal with a blank page at (possibly) 5 am tomorrow, which is nice.

The Story

Yesterday I gave five words/phrases that had something to do with the novel I am writing. I suppose now I have to actually explain what those words have to do with the story. The words were: magic, art, time travel, revolution and circus.

The novel is set in a world where magic and art are interconnected. Certain arts give certain magical abilities. For example, writers can summon illusions and visual artists can conjure things they draw into reality. The protagonist is a boy named Kai who discovers that he can time travel by drawing in the dirt.

When a travelling circus comes to town, Kai runs away from home and goes with them, hoping to petition the greatest musician in the land to heal his dying mother. What he soon learns is that the circus intends to start a revolution to overthrow their country’s corrupt ruler. The only problem is that the man the circus wants to overthrow is the same one Kai needs to heal his mother.

I actually had the idea for this story a few years ago, when I was listening to How I Go by Yellowcard (Lights and Sounds is one of my favourite albums of all time, but that’s not the point). Maybe I’ll write about that experience another time since I have 30 days of content to come up with. The song really has nothing to do with this book, but it still sparked the idea.

Heaven knows I’ll need a lot of content ideas over the next twenty-eight days. Is it too late to make a blog post once a week instead?

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