A Fate Entwined

A Fate Entwined is a high fantasy novel featuring broken prophecies, people who can absorb emotions and turn them into magic, and an arctic fox. This is a living document featuring my most current pitch. Spoilers ahead!

When audacious freethinker Andra Løvik loses her place in the world’s most important prophecy, she must fight those who took it from her—even if it means being feared by everybody she was destined to save.

Sacred text dictates that the first-ever twins should never be separated, but the Dreamsoul’s priests do not appreciate Andra continually asking questions and challenging their authority. By reinterpreting a few phrases of scripture and ignoring others, the Church sends Andra’s brother away to save the world alone.

Despite the priests pretending she never existed, Andra still believes she has been chosen by the Dreamsoul. Why else would she be able to steal emotions and turn them into bursts of magic? Suspecting something sinister at play with the priests, she chooses to keep her unstable abilities hidden.

With Andra now out of the picture, a dark sect of the Church prepares to sacrifice her brother and bring about the end of the world. When she learns that her brother is in danger, Andra sets out to save him. To do so, she will have to embrace her destructive new magic, allowing the Church to paint her as the villain.

As Andra looks back at the trail of bodies and emotionless husks left in her wake, she worries she is actually becoming one.

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