Incarnate is a fantasy novel featuring a recovering thief, a broken prince and a little bit of time travel. This is a living document featuring my current pitch.

Dale’s father always told him that good thieves don’t get caught, and they don’t amass a reputation. In one night, Dale has broken both of those rules.

Cyan Tresshold, the most powerful man in town, now knows Dale’s secret. Dale is blackmailed and forced into retirement from cleaning pockets. The worst part? The scholar wants to help him.

Tresshold’s idea of help isn’t exactly “let Dale go free and turn a blind eye to his crimes”. Instead, Dale has to clean up his act and help the old man study an ancient journal.

It might not be as bad as Dale first expects. He’s always had an interest in history and his new job at the bakery isn’t too bad either. Could an honest living somehow be better than stealing? It feels like spitting on the grave of his dad—if they had ever got to bury him, that is.

His new life is going well, but then a stranger arrives at the tavern and tells Dale that his dad is still alive. It seems impossible until the stranger utters the finals words that his dad ever spoke to him.

Now Dale has to choose between the new life he’s grown fond of and an insane mission to save his father from the raiders that took him. He knows it’s crazy, but blood runs thicker than water, especially when that blood is the reason he wanted to be a thief in the first place.

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